2022 Categories

ENTRY DEADLINE: September 9th, 2022

  • Single entry: $135
  • Two entries: $210
  • Three entries: $315
  • Four or more entries: $80 each


Industry Achievement Categories (determined by PrintAction*)

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Printing Leader of the Year
  • Emerging Leader of the Year (Under 35)
  • Community Leader of the Year

*Please submit nominations to:
Nithya Caleb, Editor, ncaleb@annexbusinessmedia.com
p 416-510-5142 | c 437-220-3039

Technology Categories (technology suppliers only)
T1: Most Progressive Printing Process, Offset
T2: Most Progressive Printing Process, Digital (Toner)
T3: Most Progressive Printing Process, Production Inkjet
T4: Most Progressive Printing Process, Wide-format Inkjet
T5: Most Progressive Printing Process, Software or IT

Submission Form for T-Categories

Print Production Categories
D1: Best Print Production, Publications
Applications such as magazines, annual reports, newspapers, books.

D2: Best Print Production, Catalogues
Applications for retail, B2B and corporate identity.

D3: Best Print Production, Marketing Collateral
Applications such as flyers, leaflets, self-promotion, business cards, brochures, folders .

D4: Best Print Production, Miscellaneous
Applications that do not fall into the other categories, such as stamps, calendars, VDP, labels, tags, large-format, specialty, stationery, invitations, other.

D5: Best Packaging Production
Considers both structural and design elements, all processes and markets (food and beverage, retail, pharmaceutical, specialty, other).

D6: Best Integrated Media Campaign Production
A campaign based on print (any application) and the use of at least one other medium such as website, e-mail, video, augmented reality, virtual reality, other.

D7: Best Public Service Print Production
All applications produced for non-profit, charity or government .

D8: Best Environmental Print Production
All applications with consideration for environmentally progressive leadership

Submission Form for D-Categories

Printing Categories
Q1: Self Promotion, Printing Company
Q2: Self Promotion, Printing Industry Supplier
Q3: Brochures & Booklets, Offset
Q4: Brochures & Booklets, Digital (Toner and Inkjet)
Q5: Books, Hardcover Offset
Q6: Books, Softcover Offset
Q7: Books, Digital (Toner or Inkjet)
Q8: Web Offset (Heat Set)
Q9: Web Offset (Cold Set)
Q10: Web Offset (Narrow Web)
Q11: Web, Digital
Q12: Business & Annual Reports
Q13: Flyers and leaflets (All Applications)
Q14: Variable Data Printing
Q15: Magazines, Web Offset
Q16: Magazines, Sheetfed Offset
Q17: Calendars, Web Offset
Q18: Calendars, Sheetfed Offset
Q19: Catalogues (All Applications)
Q20: Labels, Digital Sheetfed
Q21: Labels (Flexography, Web, or Gravure)
Q22: Web Flexography
Q23: Packaging (Offset, Rigid or Digital)
Q24: Business Cards
Q25: Stationery and Invitations
Q26: Finishing (Foil, Emboss, Deboss, Diecut, Embelishiment)
Q27: Binding ( Stitching, Perfect Binding, Coil, Wire, Case binding)
Q28: Hybrid Project – Digital and Offset
Q29: Specialty Project
Q30: Specialty Effects

Submission Form for Q-Categories

Environmental Categories
E1: Most Environmentally Progressive Printing Company
Submission Form for E1

E2: Most Environmentally Progressive Technology Company
Submission Form for E2

E3: Most Environmentally Progressive Packaging Project
Submission Form for E3/E4

E4: Most Environmentally Progressive Printing Project
Submission Form for E3/E4